Mod/Demod Schemes of CD, DVD, an Blu-ray



Hello Everyone,

I am new to this forum. I joined because I am doing research on the evolution of CD’s to Blu-ray (and HD-DVD). I just want to ask if anyone knows of literature or references on CD/DVD/Blu-ray technology; specifically, modulation and demodulation schemes, source and error correction coding (how the original bits are mapped to bits written in the medium), and why the modulation and demodulation schemes are chosen, and how this connects to the hardware of the storage medium and read-write device.

I know the basic stuff (I think), and I know the modulation is MSK cosine variant sawtooth hybrid, but I do not know how this connects to

“wobble” or even what exactly is wobble.

pit size and modulation,

and data format (d=1, d=2).

This may be easy, it may not, but can anyone help me.


Dan Kim.


[QUOTE=ftdhk;2007754]Hello Everyone,
“wobble” or even what exactly is wobble.

Quick reply…

WObble is just a frequency clock, used for tracking when burning to CD-R.

The wobble on CD-R DVD-R and + R are different.

I suspect someone else will write a more detailed description/