Moby attributes sales slide to 'Pearl Jam Effect'

I just posted the article Moby attributes sales slide to ‘Pearl Jam Effect’.

I don’t know how many of you know the artist Moby, but I think he is great (In this world!). Moby’s new album, 18, is currently at Number 35 on the Billboard 200 album chart, selling approximately…

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Hhmmm… Nothing to do with the fact that his second album is just kinda dull and nowhere near as good as his first then? :c

I agree with filobeddo. On Play it was hard to find even one bad track but 18 does have a few…

  1. 18 sucked. 2. I’m not buying any RIAA produced CD. Sorry Moby.

LOL, his second album? I believe 18 is his seventh album (not counting various remix albums). Nice to read this article though. Wasn’t Moby the one promoting Napster when it was still alive? I believe he even wore a Napster t-shirt during his gigs (needless to say his record company didn’t like that very much)

That was back when the commercial whore could actually make money… Now no one buys his albums and it’s the internets fault.

Yes indeed, there are more then 2 albums. I’ve got 3 or 4 of his records. For pure financial reasons :8

from what I read he might not be complaning about not selling a lot of albums. I think he just wishes there was a way to know how many people are listening to his music.

a) 18 sucks. It is his worst album. b) Play didn’t sell very well either, until it was used for every advertisement created from 1998 to 2001, and every single track was whored out to someone. c) Pearl Jam died out mainly because grunge died out, although some would argue their quality diminished (much like Moby’s new album.) d) Weezer will never be able to top Blue and Pinkerton. At least Maladroit is better than Green. e) Play is Moby’s only commercial success. Perhaps he should stop pretending he is the messiah.

abacab: finally some wise words.