Mobo problem



Can anyone help me? I’ve bought a 550 Intel P3, but my Asus P2B mobo doesn’t support it I think… My computer is not booting at all, only the powersupply is running. No beeps, nothing. I can’t set the multiplier to 5.5, cause my mobo only goes as far as 5x. I thought it would be running even if it wasn’t at the right settings…

What to do? Buy another mobo, and what would be a really good one?? It needs to have AGP4x, 1 ISA and good capabilities for overclocking.

Please help me out here…


You will need a new mobo. The P2B will only support the P2 Chip.

The Asus P3C2000 Supports Intel Pentium® III 350MHz~733+MHz CPU. 4x DIMM sockets support for up to 1GB PC100 SDRAM. Dual UDMA/66 BM IDE Connector. JumperFree BIOS and CPU Setting AGP 4X/PRO slots.
133MHz Front Side Bus. PC ’ 99 Compliant 5 PCI and 1 ISA slots.

These stats are taken directly from the Asus site.



And that one is not out yet… I just ordered an Asus P3V4X.
“The ASUS P3V4X Mainboard is based on the VIA® Apollo Pro133A chipset with ATX form factor for the latest support in Intel Pentium® II/III 233~733+MHz Coppermine and CeleronTM processors. This fascinating chipset is equipped with 133MHz Front Side Bus (FSB), and support for PC133 SDRAM and AGP 4X, Ultra DMA/66, Wake-On LAN, Ring, Keyboard/Mouse, as well as Chassis Intrusion Detection. It is also bundled with ASUS PC Health Monitoring to monitor and ensure maximum safety for your PC. Finally, the excessive PCI Slots (6 in total) will enable multiple hardware devices (eg. SCSI, CD-RW, DVD-ROM, etc) and hence solves the problem of any future expansion.”

And by the way, the P2B is not only supporting P2, I had a P3-450 before, and it worked perfect at 504 Mhz…

But thanx anyway!

And remember:“CRX Rulez!!!”


Asus P2B supports cpu’s up to a PIII 800MHz, since it has a multiplier of 8.
You’ll just have to download a new bios version, and with that the new manual in which you can see how to setup the jumpers correctly.
You can find the bios upgrades on the Asus site.
Your manual with your motherboard doesn’t say it is supported because at the time of manufacturing there just wasn’t a faster cpu then a 500 MHz.

That should do it.



Whoops…blush I hit send before I completed my copy and pasting.

You both are right. My Bad



It doesn’t seem to work on my P2B at all though… The fan of my processor isn’t even running, no matter what I try… Please help me out!


Make sure your power cords are all connected right and read the manual you can get at and you’ll probably have to do a bios upgrade. Have you done that yet?



Yep, had a bios upgrade last month, when I bought my P3-450 proc. And everything is connected correctly… Power can’t be wrong according to me! And the only thing disconnected was the processor itself, the rest stayed put… :frowning:


Well, according to the manual from Asus the P2B supports CPU’s up to 800 MHz and I have also seen tests of it, so it IS possible. Maybe you’re not doing anything wrong, but you might have a faulty mobo, I don’t know, but if you are following all instructions normally it should work.



Well, anyway, I ordered another mobo, hope the problem will bven solved soon… Thanx anyway all of ya!

And remember: CRX Rulez!!!