Mobo asus m3a32-mvp deluxe

Does any one have this MOBO? I installed everyting through the sata ports. I have HD OS (WD VelociRartor 150Gb) for the O.S… I have the second HD(WD Cavaiar SE16 640Gb) for the gaming/media drive. They are hooked up to the sata ports. Everything is already installed and working. I was reading in the manuall that you can chnge to raid in the bios. I can change it to Raid 0, Raid 1, and Raid 0+1. I was reading somewhere in here that Raid is so much faster. My question is can I switch to Raid after eveything been installed to sata. Will it operate faster and better? And what should I set my OS to Raid0, Raid1, or Raid 0+1And what should my second HD set too? Also I was watching a video at Tiger Direct and they were talking about this mobo and using an extra pci slot for Raid 0. What is that about? Can I put something in an extra pci slot for Raid0 if so what? Thanks for any info! -j- You guys/gals are great at helping newbies out!!! Thanks again -j- I probrably have to start from scratch dont I? I sure hope not!!!

Switch to RAID will erase all of the data on the drives. So you will need to backup your data first, then create the RAID array and then reinstall your OS and all of your software. You will also need more drives. RAID uses multiple drives. For an explanation look up RAID on wiki. As for the benefit, it isn’t worth the hassle. You will see a slight speed benefit in benchmarks or when reading large amounts of data. But it won’t be noticable in everyday use.