Moblie Option really slow w/ all ver since

Since, the “speed increases” that are claimed are much worse. I have gone from 2 hour conversions to 6 hours:eek:

Here is the scoop:
Running MKV, H264, Audiocopy, 2-pass, include sub-titles in movie, 29FPS, 3000kbps

In version I did move from Xvid to H264, from 2000kbps to 3000kbps, and from external subs to in the movie subs. This moved my time in .2 from ~55 minutes to just under 2 hours, but only in .2

I then moved to .5 and the times have skyrocketed. The first pass takes 2 hours, the second pass takes 4 hours, PER TITLE.

I am doing all of this from HDD and not from DVD. I have converted 9 movies since .5 and beyond. I am currently at the latest .0, non-beta release.

I have a Pentium 4 3.2 HT with 1G RAM running Vista(32) SP1.

I do have the memory settings set to High in Configuration.

The CPU is running 100% on both cores with FabCore being the major process.

Frame rates are about 12, which is down from 38 before.

I thought it might be a corrupt file so I removed the old software, rebooted and reinstalled. Same effect.

I hate to ask for help here though because the combing that was present is not there anymore and the quality of the output is supreme.:clap::bow::clap: The files produced are great, so I don’t want to mess with that, but the time has taken a HUGE dive.:frowning:

I am not seeing the speed increases.:confused:

Anybody else having this issue?

[QUOTE=NeuralMonk;2196736]Anybody else having this issue?[/QUOTE]I’m doing 2 Pass xvid, Audio same as source on a pentium M 1.3ghz and have seen speeds over 100FPS (very rare) but with 5230 I definatly saw an increase in FPS speeds. My normal rate is around 50 - 60.

Discussion from yeaterday:

I am using a profile that produces h264+aac and one that does h264+MP3 and both are much faster with than the past several releases. v5.2.2.5 was not good for me either, but with the h264+MP3 went from 38-40 fps to 60-70 fps. Perfect A/V sync. One-pass conversions.