Mobile Wireless Internet Connections

Couple of questions for those of you who may have experience in this matter.

Since I now have a new laptop that seems to have enough power for faster upload and download times, I’d like to go as mobile as possible.

What would you all recommend as the best viable option to have internet access from my laptop in as many places as possible while on the road. I’m talking from my rental car, a job site around town outdoors, while driving in the middle of the Mohave Desert :bigsmile: J/K. You get the idea.

Sprint, Verizon, ??? USB network card ??? Some sort of signal booster??

Any tips or knowledge base would be most appreciated :wink:

A phone with bluetooth and perferably 3G/UMTS.
Laptop (Bluetooth) --> Mobile Phone --> Internet
Be sure to get a flatrate service if you plan to use it frequently.

Better than something like Sprints Mobile Broadband Cards/Plans?

At least I would be satisfied with a phone rather than a data card which often is USB and quite expensive. You might want to have a look a Sprint, T-Mobile, Cingular and Verizon.

Thanks Danne,
I’ll check into that and the speeds. :wink:

I’ve heard that Orinoco wireless PCMCIA cards are best for picking up a signal. I’m saying I’ve heard rather than used so perhaps others could verify if they’re good or otherwise.

Keep in mind that at least rather new laptops doesnt have PCMCIA.

Well it looks like the broadband card from Sprint or something would be best for coverage and speed, however the price is pretty steep at $60 per month, also requiring a 2 year contract.

Using a mobile phone as my modem doesn’t sound too promising due to poor speed rates. Maybe I’ll find one that actually might be faster than, say ‘dial up’??

Clearwire sounds very intriguing, especially if I could plug the mobile modem into an A/C power adapter in my vehicle. But their coverage areas are still virgin, hopefully it will expand rapidly in the next year.

What to do…What to do… :frowning:

Thanks guys for your input.

Uhm… Didnt T-Mobile have better offer?
Its a additional service to your subscription, at least thats my impression.
As I said earlier, if you want to get a card make sure it fits your laptop.