Mobile to TV Out or Simply use MPEG-4



I need to rip several movies to my iPod Classic to replay on a TV. I will be playing my movies on a Plasma TV and am curious as to the resolution that I should use. Looks like iPod to TV Out uses the M4V format and is larger than the MPEG-4 format. So which should/can I use that will give me “one size fits all” for different TV playbacks.

Thanks in advance.


None of these profiles are really optimum for playback on a widescreen TV (they are all 4:3 aspect ratio, since that is the native ratio of the iPod). The TV Out profile will work as well as any of the others. The TV may be able to stretch or zoom them; if not, the picture will be square and will not fill the screen. If the original DVD is 4:3, then it doesn’t matter. You will still face the choice of files that are much larger than they need to be for playback on an iPod ( using the TV Out profile at 640x480) or poor video quality on the TV (using one of the other profiles (at 320x240). In this case unfortunately, one size does not fit all very well.