Mobile phones increase tumor risk

STOCKHOLM (Reuters) - Ten or more years of mobile phone use increases the risk of developing acoustic neuroma, a benign tumor on the auditory nerve, according to a study released on Wednesday by Sweden’s Karolinska Institute.
The risk was confined to the side of the head where the phone was usually held and there were no indications of increased risk for those who have used their mobile for less than 10 years, the Karolinska Institute said in a statement.

The institute, one of Europe’s largest medical universities and a clinical and biomedical research center, awards the Nobel Prize in physiology or medicine.

Seems like mobiles make ill.

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Well… For the past 10 years research centers have published huge amount of conclusions, like the one in question. Of course all have to pay attention, BUT: to my mind these type of dangers prevail, first off all, if you have a susceptibility to tumors or a certain decease. There are places in the world where they smoke like a locomotive, drink like hell and die at the age of 92.


good thing my phone is never on, and i only occasionly text, what i am worried about though is is my wireless network beaming at me 16 hours a day, is there any reaserch to show them causing health problems.

ben :slight_smile:

Good point, ben. Wireless Network can cause serious problems, for sure.

I feel it myself :bigsmile: .

u scared me when i rest the first line, i agree they are difficult to get working, but can they damage your heath?

ben :smiley:

Ben, actually everything can damage your health that has to do with any kinda waves. Human body responds in its own way. BUT: as I said it depends on the individual, immune system, etc.

To cut it short: no problem using a wireless system. :smiley:

Do you smoke, btw?

I’d be more worried about those electrical wires running through your entire house!
All those electro-magnetic fields…ooooh scary thought.

My house is trying to kill me!

How long have Radio waves been beaming across the globe, tv siginals, microwaves, wireless stuff, satellites beaming down stuff, cosmic particles, suns radiation and so on. None of this is point to point stuff. It’s all out there people and has been for years.

Overhead electrical power cables, fumes form cars, the water we drink, it all bad these days. Unfortunatly though if you think about it all you would just go nuts.

I often ask myself why people are afraid of 3G-masts but not for their microwave…

I am an incurable sceptic. So, I leave the research and the conclusions for those who earn money for that. Otherwise I would not even get up in the morning, cause shaving with an electrical shaver, the orange juice, the car, etc. could kill me in the long run.