Mobile Phone Nokia 7110e



Hi there,

i am using that service “Orange”

Does any1 know how to remove that stupid name on disply as “Orange” on my phone.

i would like to add my own logo or name

Thanks in advance :wink:


I think that you can’t do it, because otherwise your gsm doesn’t know wich provider it has to take, it’s the name of your gsm provider


Did you check your manual???



You are unable to remove this from your screen as it is imprinted in your sim card. If you have an old sim card… The only way is to reomve your sim card, but then you phone dosen’t work. Sorry Mate


And now for the GOOD NEWS…

YES you can change it. The Nokia 7110 Contains a small amount of memory which is reserved for an “operator logo” you can put any logo in there you want. Only thing is you need a working IR connection or the F-Bus/M-Bus cable.

You can download this neat proggie to change all this at :

Good Luck,

pSyChO dAd

p.s. Some people really don’t know how much Nokia phones rule !!!


Thank you,

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