Mobile phone industry agrees on $1 DRM levy per handset



I just posted the article Mobile phone industry agrees on $1 DRM levy per handset.

  As  multimedia mobile phones which handle downloadable music (and video content) are  beginning to take over the current generation, one thing the mobile phone  industry decided to agree on was...
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It will be a phucking pound a minute to breathe next


that would be the day I dl music on a phone in the first place


Oh, but they’re already charging us a dollar for water…


I know somebody who worked on this DRM :X (no, really, I do)


he think of this then years ago my grand dad bought a water filter table top style i was only 9 then and having heard my parents talking about bills i asked my grand dad but dont you pay water rates like mummy and daddy ? yes he replied but here in the uk we always pay twice as much as anyone else !!! :+


Well at least when you pay for water bills, generally this fund is used to treat water and maintain the supply to deliver safe drinking water to the home, even if it does look seem a bit ridicules to pay for water. However with this DRM levy, users are forced to pay for something that they would be better without, i.e. serves no useful purpose to the end user, but there to provide a steady pipe of income to the patent holders as well as keep the music industry happy.