Mobile Option for TV playback?


I would like to play back DVDs that I copy onto my Archos 7 not only on the Archos, but also on TV (which I believe you can do). To achieve both capabilities, should I use the DVDFab Mobile Option or some other option - if so, which?

My concern with the Mobile Option is that, while it might be fine for playback on the Archos, the resolution with this option might not be so good for watching on TV. If so, I would rather copy in a better format (even if it means larger files) so that I can get good resolution on the TV.

ps. I was intenting to use Pete’s xml profile for this. Can anyone tell me if this is suitable?

pps. If I am not making sense, happy to clarify. I am an Archos newbie and am just finding my feet.


Do you have the Cinema or Podcast plugins? If so, there are other options.


Just downloaded the cinema plug in. Trying to suss out where I go next. Think I need to create VOB files on my pc…?