Mobile internet access

I’m deploying to Afghanistan with the British Army in about 5 weeks and I want to get mobile internet access on my laptop while I’m out there. I have looked around on the internet and I have found a few sites that offer this, but they don’t say what it will cost. I hope some of you guys might know a little more about this and give me a little more direction.

Garybrown02: (whether this is your real name or not): With all due respect, I’m not sure that CD Freaks will be able to help with verifying the secure internet services that may or may not be available to British Army soldiers on service in Afghanistan. Even if you do find a network access point available, are you sure you would want to declare your location in so easily and so traceable a fashion?

Your military commanders will doubtless provide you and your mates with a suitable and secure access. Just watch your backs out there and hope you manage to get linked up somehow…

Thanks for your reply, mate.

There is a system already set up out there, but it’s restricted. Paradigm are a company who supply internet and telephone services to British Forces in theatre. They restrict what sites you can access i.e. porn, gambling, etc. I play a lot of online poker and I’m taking my laptop with me. I’ve seen something about a small satellitle dish attached to a router/modem that will let you get online. Don’t really know anything else about it though. Was hoping to find someone here that would.

You need to ask some journalists working in the area. A little poking around the internet will find a forum which you can ask. I have a link somewhere…not with me right now…maybe I´ll be able to find it and post it later.
Otherwise, good luck, or sit on your wallet during this time…you´ll have a few other things to think about.