Mobile fidelity cds

hey, I’m new to this, and I’m wondering if anyone out there has any opinions on mobile fidelity cds. my buddy bought a few a while back and claims they sound much better than regular cds. I’m talking about recorded music such as older albums( Santana Abraxas for one). I listened to that album, on a regular cd and on a cd-r recorded from the mobile fidelity and wasn’t impressed with the MF. Is it because it wasn’t the original, or is there not that much difference? I remember back in the days before cds hearing lps from MF and there was a significant difference. Any thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks, T-bone55

Hi and Welcome!

if you are referring to - I don’t see anything special compared to the regular audio material. So the claim “sounds better” might be only marketing driven.


It depends on the album; some albums sound much better than the original.

I have Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon on MSFL UltraDisc, and it completely blows away the original CD that I also had. When I got it, a friend of mine and I were anxiously waiting to see if we could hear the difference - expecting to do quite a bit of listening to determine exactly how the sound had improved (if any).

Within the first second of listening to the MSFL remastered version, we looked at each other and had no doubt that there was absolutely no comparison. Yes, I did say “the first second” !

Other albums may not show the same improvement; it really depends on how good the original version was, and what the engineer(s) did during remastering.

I own quite a few of the MFSL LP’s and CD’s and it’s mixed bag as far as sound improvements on the selection of titles…As Drage pointed out, the final product is dependent on the original master tape condition and which mastering engineer was responsible for the final product…
That particular Santana album has been remastered with no apparent increase in sound quality that I’ve been able to hear and I think the original is probably as good as it’s going to get…Certain titles have benefited from the MFSL effort, but without a direct comparison it’s difficult to tell…

Thanks you guys. what do you think about burning a cd from one of those, would it have the same sound quality, or even close? would it depend on the quality of the cd-r? I appreciate the feed back, t-bone55

The only ones I’ve burned copies of to date have been ‘Mad Dogs & Englishmen’ and ‘Live at Leeds’, on TY blank media and I haven’t noticed any difference in sound quality…I’m using a California Audio Labs Icon MK2 as a source and it’s a highly regarded CD player so I would guess that most decent players or transports would provide comparable sound quality and no noticeable difference between the original and a copy…If you have golden ears you might disagree though…

Well my equipment isn’t anything to write home about, and for that matter I never claimed to have the greatest ears either… guess that’s why I’m asking for other opinions… thanks again