Mobile Device Profiles



This thread is for new profiles created by members/users, if you have one that you have created please post them here in this thread.


Copy them to the C:\Program Files\DVDFab7\Profiles directory and rename them as [B].xml[/B] instead of .txt

Then start fab and go Settings, Customise UI, DVD to Mobile, Add a new device and HTC should show up.

This adds to the left column, copy to the right column.

cellphone.3gp.h264.aac.DROID.txt (915 Bytes)

cellphone.3gp.mpeg4.aac.DROID.txt (894 Bytes)

CreativeZenXFI2.avi.xvid.mp3.txt (1.05 KB)

cellphone.mp4.h264.aac.DROID_MP4.txt (918 Bytes)

generic.3gp.mpeg4.aac.txt (934 Bytes) (831 Bytes)

HTC.wmv.wma.generic.txt (850 Bytes)

HTC.wmv.wma.TouchHD.txt (814 Bytes)


Here are a few more…

samsung.avi.h264.audiocopy.txt (659 Bytes)

tivo.mp4.h264.aac.txt (823 Bytes)

pvp.avi.mpeg4.mp3.Samsung.txt (754 Bytes)


Two more…

archos7.avi.xvid.mp3.txt (943 Bytes)

generic.zen.txt (946 Bytes)



cellphone.mp4.h264.aac.LG.Dare.txt (969 Bytes)

cellphone.mp4.h264.aac.BBerryStorm.txt (975 Bytes)


I will add more as I run across them :slight_smile:



DevilJac.avi.h264.audiocopy.txt (552 Bytes)


Here is a profile for the Disney Mix Max :smiley:

pvp.MIXMAX.wmv.wma.txt (735 Bytes)


Here are three profiles for the DroidX cellphone, remember all profiles need to have the file extentions changed from .txt to .xml

DroidX.wmv.txt (836 Bytes)

cellphone.DroidX.wmv.txt (830 Bytes)

cellphone.DroidX.mp4.txt (868 Bytes)