Mobile Beta: Audio Bitrate Too Low After Conversion

DVDFab Ver: Beta
Mobile Option: Zune (H,264)

OS: Windows XP Home, SP3

Problem: Converted Audio Bitrate Does Not Match Requested Audio Bitrate with Zune (H,264) Profile.

Afer setting the audio bitrate option in the Zune (H,264) A/V dialog page to 160khz, the video/audio was converted and then checked with MediaInfo 0.7.11. MediaInfo indicated that the audio bitrate was only approximately 92khz. In all previous versions of DVDFab, the bitrate indication from MediaInfo was 160khz. The settings in the “DVD to Mobile” option page were left at default.

Although I had modified the Zune XML profile and changed the 16khz audio bitrate selection option to 160khz, the change should have not affect on the poblem since it was changed many, many months ago and has been used in all my conversions since with no issues.

I think the 16000kbps audio bitrate in that profile is a typo. Not sure why you are seeing the lower rate. Has this been the same for different Sources?


I just tried two other videos (single chapter only) and both came out correct at 160khz. I did the same test with the original “problem” video and it came at ~92khz again (orignal source bitrate is 192khz). I then converted the problem video in an alternate converter (set for 160khz audio bitrate) and it came out correct at at 160khz.

I agree with you that the Zune bitrate in the XML doc. is probably a typo. I flagged it on the forum and to DVDFab customer support when I first noticed it long ago, but it hasn’t been a high priority fix.


I agree with you that the Zune bitrate in the XML doc. is probably a typo.

You are right, this is a typo, thanks for your report, I have change it and do a test, now it can get correct bitrate from the correct profile.