Mmmmmm.... snow crab

So a store advertized snow crab for 2.99$ a pound this week. I got 5 pound of course (thats just an appetizer). I never really pay atention to when it is in season, I just know I like it!!! For those of you that didn’t know, snow crab is only harvested once a year, during a very short time period, and believe it or not, it is extremlly dangerious though very lucrative (I saw a pbs special on it).
Snow crab is my favorite food in the world. I got a pot of water boiling for some right now. I even like it beter than lobster. Real butter is mandatory too… I cannot wait!!!
Every year when it comes into season and is cheap, I buy a bunch a few times (the season is quite short) and eat snow crab legs like a pig.
Anyone else looking foward to it???

Snow crabs … ok.
I’m growing pigs with wings for a special dish served with Rocky Mountain Oysters.

Dunno, i had crab cocktail once in my life and thought it had horrible taste. Perhaps these snow crabs are better?

It must be just me. Here’s a pic
Here is some more, weird that the season doesn’t start till april in canada (maybe someone went fishing early or its last years crop, but I doubt it (quality is decent, too high for frozen for a year).
You guy sound like you dont know what snow crab is???

Hey Namoh, havent I hear you say that before??? You beat me by a couple of minutes while I was posting…

Well, i’ve seen The Discovery documentary about it, but i really couldn’t understand why it’s such expensive and tasty food. Same with caviar.

Snow crab is about the cheapest crab you can buy. Their good but mostly shell and lots of work. Blue crab is a little more expensive but again mostly work and waste. Now if you want crab, King crab is the way to go. $29 a pound.

I have tasted caviar too and cannot understand it either. Have you had snow crab? IT is normally 8-10$ a pound here (I have seen it 12$ or more at some places), except for when it is in season. Even in season, its expensive, but stores run advertized specials to pull people in, and thats just what I wait for. The reason that I only buy it once a year, is that the price is ridiculous. Even though it is my favorite food, I won’t pay the price, except once a year, when they sell it cheap (2.99$ a pound, very cheap). And franklly, If you like seafood, how could you resist at that price…

Too rich for my blood. Even snow crab is a ripoff if out of season and or not on sale.

So you guys gotta have a food that you like as much??? What is it??? Personally. I planned on just eating a cluster as a snack, but I’m staying up late (of tomorow), and it looks like I might make it through half that 4-5 pounds we got. Its to tasty not to eat…

I don’t & easily, respectively.

(Lebanese) Chicken Kebab with Olives & Chilli sauce, which includes onion, lettuce & tomato only. Wrapped tight & then thrown on a dual side hotplate to crisp up the sides. If the kebab bread is rubbed across the cooking chicken before throwing everything on it, fan-freaking-tastic!

My one and only (ever) kebab in Germany was a strange affair … with incredibly salty chicken & canned corn on top, with a dob of mustard.
The chicken isn’t supposed to contain a lethal dose of salt. Neither should corn feature on a kebab. And I hate mustard. I can see why the rest of the world resorts to kebabs only when everything else is closed.
I would too, if Oz’s kebabs had corn & mustard, & if Oz had damn good Weiner Schnitzel.

You are right, everone has their taste in food and it can be quite diffrent. I personally love german sausage, particularlly weisswurst, my second favorite food (if made right), Which goes good with mustard (so I hear, I hate it). I was kind of implying a favorite meat, but again, I forget that this is an international forum, and implying a meat as a meal might not be total. There are many ways to prepare crab, but personally, I like my snow crab right off the leg (precooked, and reheated, cause I think thats the way they always do it, for disease reasnons, though it makes me wonder what fresh snow crab tastes like). Fyi I have had the little blue crabs and stuff live, I don’t know why, of all seafood, wsnow crab legs are the best (to me)!!!

Good compromise of price (on sale) and taste. Just because I like king crab don’t mean I can afford it. No snow crab on sale here yet but I know it won’t be anywhere close to $2.99

Here is the label (I’m such a pig, I’ve eaten more than half of it, but at that price, its so good… I cannot stop…

I found an ad here. the same amount would be $26.95 would you still buy it?

I dont get why they use so small boats. Crabs dont swim, just trawl the entire bottom with your olde industrial ship. I saw in the Deadliest catch that they have decided to stop this crazyness with a extremely limited season. Yes, good to do that now, only a few hundred have died so far…

I dont eat crab.

Hey Ripit: Im bored so I just did some math. Snow crab is ~83% waste. So you just paid $24.62 per pound. Unless you eat the shells,gills,teeth,eye balls, and butt :bigsmile:

But your worth it :iagree:

So basically twice the price? No I wouldn’t. It’s avalable almost year round for not much more than that. If that were the cheapest it ever got, I might have to break down and buy a pound or two for a special dinner (on rare occation), afterall, I do love it), but pigging out on a few pounds like tonight… Out of the question. Afterall, it is half shell (and I don’t go picking every little bit of meat I can get, too much work), so I get it when it is cheap.

I’m guesing that figure includes the fact that the body has little usable meat. What you generally buy are the claw/leg clusters (as you probably know), so the waste is less, though if you are lasy like me (only go for the good parts, too lasy to pick out every bit), the waste goes up…