Right, as I am new to this forum, this might sound like a stupid question or 2 but here goes

  1. Bought an NEC3500a(in black :cool: ) and in nero, with no disc in the drive i drop down where it says “write Speed” and the max is 6x… is taht wrong, i thought it was 16x?

Also are there any ubernoob guides for firmware upgrades to support other media?

Cheers guys and girls


Nero will analyze the inserted media and display the maximum write speed for that media. If no media is inserted then it simply cannot provide you with that information. The media reports it’s identity and properties to the burnware. Even so, not all inserted media will be capable of being written to at 16X and Nero will indicate as such.


Please understand that your new 3500 (good choice BTW) is media MID code sensitive and will burn specific media only at the speed that the firmware developers deem will give you a GOOD burn at a certain speed-

In other words - the 3500 will burn different types (brands and speed) of media at different speeds-

To get the best burns - use only good media such as Ritek, Verbatim, Maxell, Taiyo Yuden (my favorite), etc-

As far as changing your firmware - test out your drive for awhile and then (after reading more on the subject within these forums) decide if you need to change firmwares - 'cause if you just happen to have a bad drive and you flash with hacked firmware - you may not be able to return it-

Happy Burnin’


ahhh good plan batman:P Much appreciated