Mmm i get this error!?

when i try to make dvd’s i keep getting this error…ive tryed different dvds and they still dont work

does it have to do with my version!? or something…unless i can figure this out i dont think i will buy clonedvd

ALSO im using anydvd with this.

Do these DVD have latest sony arccos protections? Usually this protection give a read error of this type

im trying to burn…sin city…it didnt work, so next i tryed final fantasy…the old one and it didnt work

What version of AnyDVD are you using? Please don’t post back “the latest” … give a version# please.

lol im not that stupid :slight_smile:

when i put in final fantasy i get this…

so im guess its

would it possibley be faster and ez’r to use something like dvd decrypter or something?

Sorry phil823, some posters are indeed stupid! The movie has been out for a while now and I saw only one other post about Sin City being a problem and it was not your issue (it was a DL burning issue)

But, based on your AnyDVD “Info” readout, you look “good to go” dude. So it is probably a flawed original (manufacturing) or scratches or dings on the disk surface at the point that corresponds to VTS_05_4.VOB.

Try slowing down your rip (“Slow and Easy” setting in AnyDVD) or ripping with your burner rather than your fast ripper.

You could also try (With anyDVD running) using windows explorer to drag and drop the whole Video TS folder to a folder you create on your HDD. And I’d still suggest dragging and dropping from your slowest DVD drive. Then use CloneDVD’s “Write Existing Data” feature to burn from the folder you created. Try it both with and without AnyDVD running if you are stopped from going to burn.

If your drag and drop is stopped by an error message from Explorer, it is proof of either a manufacturing flaw or a scratch or disk surface damage.

And, if you can actually see that the original disk is scratched or dinged, then that is the problem. Resurface it with a Digital Innovations “AUTOMAX” repair kit, the motorized version ($39.00 US). But, of course, you might have a hard time returning a retail-purchased disk to the store if you resurfaced the disk since resurfacing does leave some indication of the process.

Best regards,

mmmm see i would think it was the movie but its doing it with 2 of them…and 1 of them looks PERFECT…mmm…is there any way to rip the dvd into an AVI or something…cause i know i can burn that ez

Your beyond my experience with the “AVI or something” idea. So I’ll bow out now in favor of other suggestions other members might have.

But try the drag and drop / “Write Existing Data” thing. And slow down your ripping speed. Or exchange the original for another at the store (but I think too many members place blame bad originals and then get a retail replacement that still doesn’t work because they don’t like the bother of resurfacing a damaged original). But, by my history of experiences, scratches have been the only problems with my past CloneDVD/AnyDVD backups. Or just waiting a day for Slysoft to crack a new protection. And Sin City is not new.

by “drag/drop” do you mean…go to my computer open the disk drag the file out of desktop then burn it from there?

Ya, “My Computer” works too but I like “Windows Explorer” (not Internet Explorer) better. Go to “Start/Programs/Accessories/Windows Explorer”. First create a folder named Sin City anywhere you like on your HDD (desktop is ok). Then use Explorer or My Computer to navigate to the drive that contains the DVD Sin City. Right-click-drag the “Video TS” folder (to the folder you created on your desktop) and use the right-click menu to select the “Copy” choice. And AnyDVD must be running.

Sometimes I don’t explain things well so another can understand them. And also, I re-edit my posts for so long after the orignal posting, that someone has posted back before i’ve finished my re-edits then they have to go back and re-read my damn posts again for the changes. So re-read my posts for any changes in wording :doh:

But it should be pretty easy to get it once you jump in and try it.

Then instead of backing up using CloneDVD’s “Clone DVD” button click on the “Write Existing Data” button (these buttons are on the first page you encounter on CloneDVD’s film strip style user interface). Then, in the “DVD Movie Files” area, use the “Browse” button (the button with the little circling arrows icon) to navigate to the Sin City folder you created on your desktop and burn it to your DVD writer from there.

But if Explorer or My Computer was unable to complete the drag and drop (you get an error) then your problem is still a defective original (either manufacturing defects or scratches).

omg i didnt have a chance to try it your way… I GOT IT TO WORK!!!.. u used a combo of dvdshrink and dvd decryptor…AWSOME

its worked all along!! LOL it doesnt work on my pc for some reasont though… BUT IN DVD PLAYER IT DOES!


THx for the help!