MMJB.exe -entry point not found

my nephew used my computer to load songs onto his new Lyra mp3 player…but today…I clicked on the jukebox…and I get this error…what can I do to find this dll…without Losing all the music i have on it already?(my computer that is…not his mp3 player.)

MMJB.exe -entry point not found
the procedure entry point?mfTrDelClient@@YAXXZcould not be located in the dynamic link library CoreDll.dll

Just try reinstalling the jukebox or associated software, thats probably the only way you’ll reaquire a lost .dll. Still I’d bet you’d like to know why and how it vanished just from flashing an MP3 player.

yeah i would…but i really didn’t wanna lose my music i have already collected…

Reinstalling the associated software should not erase your media library.

it didn’t thanks you guys…now all my music is safe and sound…by the way…what happened was when i installed the software i didn’t restart my computer…did that…and Volia …it worked…

ahahaha - i hate to have to say this - but in the future, rtfm :wink:

i have that problem too but that was before i uninstalled musicmatch. I tried to install this I pod software (successfully), but later on I discovered Musicmatch would not open.(???) It said what you just said yours said. I even uninstalled ipod but still nothing happened. I went ahead and uninstalled musicmatch. I don’t know how i can install both and i don’t understand why they couldn’t both be installed. It’s not like they would have to run on each other.

I know this one engineer that whenever new equipment comes in the first thing he does is discard the manual into the trash. There are times when I would like to discard him into the trash.

Sometimes the manual and read me file do not spell out conflicts in software. With Trend Micro PCcillin antvirus I had to contact support to find that it was incompatible with NPF 2005.

it sucks when that happens. its very hard for software companies to test every scenario. of course, it seems few of them test the most likely scenarios :wink:

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