Can anybody tell me where MMG is...
There old url doe not works any more (
Can you please let me know by a mail...

Greetz madmax


They’ve changed the name in Q2000, the new adress is .

Have fun…


I know that there changed there name in q2000 but the url you sent me doesn’t works…

Greetz madmax


Why are you still talking about MMG if you already know that they changed the name in Q2000?

Anyway here is the right adress


THey are the most expensive ones i ever seen on the internet…but the are also one of the longest shops on the internet.

even longer then Liquid,

just wanted that to be said.


Thnkx Redcat for the url…

I know that Ruff-Next_Gangsta but a friend of me wanted it…

Greetz madmax


You have bad friends then

no just kiddin’
ok now you know the answer, i close it.