MMC to go over 100MB/s by early 2008

Samsung proposed a new MMC specification including faster than 100MB/s speed. So far, the fastest flash speed is just a little over 50MB/s. 200x flash is still just about 30MB/s which is faster than 16x DVD but still much slower than most DRAM chips.

Source: Electronic Times news of South Korea (In Korean),

USB 2.0 must be replaced with something at least as fast as SATA II by then. It’s too slow to be used with HDD, DVD, HD DVD, flash, etc.

wow… now this is interesting although it seems to me that MMC is primarily used by cams and cell phones as storage nowadays… I know this is its primary focus here in the states

We need USB 4.0!!!

Would be interesting in a RAID-0 array on a PCI card :clap:

We need USB 4.0!!!


There is no doubt that SATA is in future. SATA hard disk drives and PCI bus SATA host controllers are shipping today. And there are some motherboards shipping today with SATA interfaces.

SATA can’t replace USB completely yet. For some things, USB is far better suited.

Same here.