MLS Laserlock generic patcher

I just posted the article MLS Laserlock generic patcher.

Submitted by: I.C.A

A Product of “Iranian Crackers Association” Published:
LL32ICA v1.35 Beta - MLS LaserLock 32-bit Generic Patcher!

What’s New?

  • LL32ICA…
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IRAN Rulez!!!

Yeah they do…

But whos using Laserlock these days anymore.

It’s all Safedisk now…

where to download?

Hehe… The Iranians use Laserlock for their software I think…

Hmm…sounds interesting enough to test it out
BUT…cause on the website it says : At this time there’s NOT download ability. You should find them somewhere else!"

Yeah ,
Download At :


where to download


for download…

Damn I though we were only good at making plastic explosives!