.mkv, x264 help

Hi all,

I burned 2 separate files on 2 different DVD(+r)s today.

Here is my problem:
I burned .mkv (matroska, x264) files which were just large enough to fit on a DVD5.

Now, after the burn process was completed for some reason the file showed up as only 300something megs on the DVD. This happened for two different files on two different DVDs.

In summary; I burned a file that should be about 4gigs, but after burning --it shows up as only about 300megs
Anyone know what the problem is or how I can remedy it?

I know my post isn’t exactly very clear and easy to understand, I apologize for that. I’m having a hard time describing my problem. If there is any more information I should post please let me know.

Thanks in advance.

DVD Burner used - Nec 3500
DVD used - YUDEN000-T02-00
Software used - Nero Burning Rom 6, Version

Can anyone help me with this problem, please?

How to play MKV files in Sony KDL-40NX650?

[QUOTE=julianmicheal;2666143]How to play MKV files in Sony KDL-40NX650?[/QUOTE]

What about [B]reading[/B] the manual first?


currently i am playing all my hd collection via Macbook pro (MiniDisplay port - HDMI). Is any alternate option is there?

I have a Sharp Aquos it has a USB input I prefer to hdmi .
I input strait in from a toaster HDD.
The .MKVs that I’ve used played fine.
I don’t know if your Sony has a USB input.
My toaster doesn’t have hdmi out so I can’t test to see if myTVs hdmi in would work for this.