.mkv with softcoded subtitles and embedded fonts to avi with subtitles hardcoded

Good Morning/Afternoon depending on your timezone.

I’m trying to convert several .mkv’s with embedded .ssa subtitles and fonts related t othem into DVD format. I’ve tried several apps, but noone of them seemed to work as intended.

I thought about hardcoding everything from the .mkv into a single avi file (with only the audio and video containers) and then convert it too DVD.

How can i possibly do this? Thanks for the help!

Since the posting of this question, I’ve had success with AVStoDVD, however the template menus are ugly, the encoding process is rather slow and the preset modes are all hq so the DVD generated is somewhat bad at quality/final size comparison. To solve the latter, you have to go to the preferences and adjust the bitrate to properly fit your project.