.mkv to BDMV with Nero10 or Cyberlink to play in standalone blu-ray player


I have been reading on the net about this the last few days but I give up.

I recently bought a blu-ray burner (LG BH10LS30) and received software with it (Cyberlink PowerDVD, Power2Go, Mediashow, PowerProducer, YouCam) which I DIDN’T install yet because I already have Nero Multimedia Suite 10 with Blu-ray plugins.

All I want to do now is burn a Blu-ray movie without quality loss from some MKV files on my hard drive.

Which program or method is easiest for a newbie like me?

I would like to stick to the tools I have (Nero or if necessary install cyberlink). I tried TsMuxer following a guide on the net but it creates a 8GB folder which looks small to me so I must be doing something wrong.

Thanks a lot for your help.

You may not get much help with Nero or Cyberlink here. Most of us who work with mkv or blu ray in these forums use free tools, like MultiAVCHD, tsMuxeR and mkvtoolnix.

And ImgBurn to do the actual burns to a disk, of course.

Have you tried playing the output from tsMuxeR yet? Do you have software for playing blu ray from the hard drive? Media Player Classic HomeCinema can play the main movie from your blu ray folder.

Personally, I’d use ClownBD to take an mkv to blu ray, then burn with ImgBurn. ClownBD is a gui for eac3to and tsMuxeR. But that will only work if the video and audio are compliant to blu ray specifications. If it needs to be re-encoded, you’ll have to use something like MultiAVCHD.

Thank you for your help.

I would like to try the tools you mentioned.

On the ClownBD page, do I download “Clown_BD, eac3to, tsMuxer Package”?

Do ClownBD and ImgBurn come with a manual? Any tips on how to use them?


Yes, the package download is what you want. ClownBD won’t install to your Programs list, it runs from whatever folder you put it in. You’ll need to set Options in ClownBD…mostly telling the program where to find the eac3to and tsMuxeR executable files. You can also use it to automatically make an ISO or burn with ImgBurn.

I’d install ImgBurn separately. You can find it here: www.imgburn.com

I don’t know of any good tutorial for ClownBD, but it is fairly straightforward. ImgBurn will tell you if you are doing something wrong with it, so follow any directions it gives you.

Again, this has to be pointed out. Your mkv files must be compliant to blu ray specs if you want to use ClownBD to make the blu ray structure for you. You can examine the files with MediaInfo if you need to.

I checked the options as you said (the path to the exe’s) and installed ImgBurn separately.

Then I created those output folders (output demux, output remux, output imgburn) on my desktop with imgburn set to iso and not burn to test first.

At the top of the window it says “movie location” and “BD/HD DVD” checkbox is selected. Then I browse for my folder that contains the 7 mkv files but when I hit “next” I get a message saying “[filepath] is not valid in combination with selected type (BDMV)” What does this mean?

I then tried another movie which is an entire blu-ray copied to my hard drive that contains the folders “BDMV” and “CERTIFICATE”. I put this main folder in the same window “movie location” and hit next a few times. The entire process took less than 5min but I have no clue what I’m doing here:o
Output demux folder contains:

  • LOGS folder
  • Audio_3_English.AC3
  • Chapters_1.txt
  • Output Demux.meta
  • Video_2.mpeg2
    Output ImgBurn folder:
  • Output Demux.ISO
  • Output Demux.MDS
    Output Remux folder:
    Output Demux folder with in it a BDMV and CERTIFICATE folder

Thanks very much for your time

If you are trying to import an .mkv file into ClownBD, you’ll see a line in the main window of ClownBD that says Movie Location. Under it is the blank area and the little Browse icon at the end where you can navigate to the file. Just under that blank line, you’ll see three options. Put a mark in the circle for M2TS/TS/EVO/MKV. This lets you import one of those types of files.

The default is to look for a blu ray or HD/DVD folder, which is why it worked when you imported the blu ray movie you had ripped to the hard drive.

Ok I checked the M2TS/TS/EVO/MKV box. Could it be that you can only convert one mkv at a time? My blu-ray movie has 1 mkv for the movie itself and 6 other mkv files for the 6 bonus tracks or “making of”. I tried converting the main mkv file and now in output ImgBurn I have and MDS and ISO file. When I open the ISO with winrar, it appears empty. Guess this is normal and that all is stored in the MDS? So then I open the MDS with ImgBurn and burn it to a BD-R?

Yes, tsMuxeR is a simple blu ray authoring program, so you won’t have many choices on extras when trying to use it. One main movie mkv is all you’ll be allowed to import when using ClownBD, as far as I am aware.

If you need a more complex movie structure, use MultiAVCHD, which can set up menus for you.

The ISO should hold all the video and audio. The MDS file can be used by ImgBurn to burn everything to a disk. I’ve never tried to use Winrar to examine an ISO file of a movie. But I quit using Winrar about six years ago too.

What size is the ISO file? Hover your cursor on it and see how big it is in gb. I normally play blu ray ISO files by mounting them in Slysoft’s Virtual CloneDrive, then play with Arcsoft TMT 3 or the free player Media Player Classic HomeCinema.

Virtual CloneDrive is free to use: http://www.slysoft.com/en/virtual-clonedrive.html

You should test this ISO before burning anything. And I suggest getting a BD-RE disk while you are still experimenting. You’ll need to format a BD-RE disk, but ImgBurn can do that…it’ll take just as long to format as it will to do the actual burn.

I have a few questions for ya.

What blu-ray player do you currently own?

What size are your mkv files and why is it imperative to convert them into a blu-ray structure instead of using the existing container or changing the container for your blu-player to support it?


I have a Panasonic SC-BT230 blu-ray player.

Not sure what you mean but I want to burn the movie to a disc so my standalone player can play it in the living room. And this with no quality loss, with which I mean I do not want to burn a blu-ray source file to a regular dvd for instance.

The main movie mkv is 6,49GB and the 6 extra’s mkv’s are around 300MB each

I think Platinumsword is attempting to find out if your player can play mkv files without having to put it into blu ray structure. Many newer players can do this with mkv or mp4 files. And for those, all you would have to do is burn straight to a disk as data. Some players will even play from usb sticks.

I don’t know the capabilities of your Panasonic, but Platinumsword knows a/v equipment far better than I.

Thanks Delta007bhd for answering my questions, Kerry right, just trying to figure out were you stand. In your situation the Panasonic SC-BT230 pretty limited to what it supports and Kerry has pointed you in the right direction.

As a side note with your existing files, if your player was capable of supporting mkv and/or mp4 container(s) and you burn it to dvd as data and played it in your blu-ray player there would be no quality loss as opposed to changing it into a bdmv structure and burning it to a blu-ray disk for playback. Just thinking for the file sizes that you have it’s a waste of a blu-ray disk.

I was hoping that your blu-ray player supported mkv or mp4, It gives a whole other prospective on what one can do with their blu-ray back-ups. One as an example depending on the player, drop the mkv or mp4 file on to a usb stick and plug it in to your blu-player.

No worrries


[QUOTE=platinumsword;2579166]As a side note with your existing files, if your player was capable of supporting mkv and/or mp4 container(s) and you burn it to dvd as data and played it in your blu-ray player there would be no quality loss as opposed to changing it into a bdmv structure and burning it to a blu-ray disk for playback. Just thinking for the file sizes that you have it’s a waste of a blu-ray disk.[/QUOTE]

A very useful tip! I learned something else, thanks for that;-)

Thanks, I now also installed Virtual CloneDrive and Media Player Classic Home Cinema. Next I’m going to delve into the tutorial of MultiAVCHD.

I have a feeling I’m almost there and it’s all thanks to the generous patience of the users in this forum:flower:

oh boy, here we go again:confused:

I mounted the ISO that I created with ClownBD onto Virtual Clone Drive and now I want to open and play it with Media Player Classic Home Cinema.

In MPCHC: File - Open device, and then it says in the lower status bar “can’t create video capture filter”.
Tried open file as well for the index.bdmv
And tried open dvd
But I can’t open it with the player.

Second thing I tried: For the same movie files (7 mkv) I actually managed to create a custom title menu and chapter menu with nero vision (yeahaaaaaa!) and converted it into a hard drive folder which now contains BDMV and CERTIFICATES. In Media Player Classic I go to “File-open directory” and select the BDMV folder and the movie plays. However, I cannot seem to go to the title menu and chapter menu. Whazzamatta-man?

It probably means that the ISO isn’t made properly, can’t tell you from long distance why not.

Media Player Classic HomeCinema will play the main movie but will not show menus. There are limitations on what you can do with free player software and blu ray. If you want to play the menus, you’ll need commercial software like Arcsoft Total MediaTheater, PowerDVD or WinDVD. I seem to remember that Nero Showtime would play blu ray also, but no one liked it very much.

When using MultiAVCHD, after I imported a video and then click the name so that the file properties windows pops up, normally I should see a video preview in the top right corner, right? I only see a blue window with the text “multiAVCHD.deanBG.com”. I should be able to see a still image there according to the slider frame position when I look at the tutorial and I don’t.

I did install avisynth 2.6.0 alpha 2, tried also with avisynth 2.5.8 and I also insalled ffdshow.

Any idea why I can’t see the preview? When I click the preview window, the video plays in a separate screen though.