.mkv problem

Hi! I just wanna know how to convert .mkv files to .avi files…i’m really having trouble finding the solution to this…thanks in advance! :slight_smile:

You could try Riverpast.

Some people report they used TMPGENG with the Matroska codecs installed.

I don’t have any experiences with those codecs so I cannot guarantee anything.

i’ve got it working now! thanks a lot! :slight_smile:

umm another question…how do i encode the .mkv file into a .avi file using the second audio option with subtitles? its cuz my mkv file is an anime file and it contains both english and japanese audio with removable subtitles…how do i save it with japanese audio and subtitles? thanks again! :slight_smile:

The AVI container doesn’t support subtitles so your goal isn’t possible without re-encoding which will hurt quality badly.

hmm ic…what if i just choose to turn it into a dvd file directly is that possible? if it is will all the audio files and subtitles come with it?

AVIMuxGUI can mux subs into AVI.
mkvextract can basically extract any streams you want from an MKV.

umm sorry im new to this kind of stuff…i found mkvextract with mkvtoolnix and avimuxgui in a ripper pack but i dunno how to install them…

i’ve never been able to make matroska work on my computer…

i got the sample mkv files from matroska website, but they never worked…

Neither MKVToolnix nor avimuxgui has an install. nkvtoolnix doesn’t even by default come with a gui for mkvextract. There is however one, but if you are batch processing it just gets in the way anyway.
For instance: for %%f in (*.mkv) DO (mkvextract.exe tracks “%%f” 1:"%%~nf.avi" 3:"%%~nf.ogg" 4:"%%~nf.srt") would scan a directory, demux the video track to an avi, the second audio stream to an ogg (track is vorbis) and the first subtitle stream to an srt. All mkv files in that directory would be processed. You can then convert the ogg to say mp3 and mux into the avi.

If you want something easy to play mkv’s try VLC or mplayer. VLC can play some MKV’s, but not ones with proprietary codecs like RV9EHQ/RV10. mplayer can play basically any mkv, but it requires some extra dll’s in the case of things like RV.

…it still doesn’t do what he asked for.
If he wants to do a DVD I’d recommend Avisynth + VSFilter + TMPGEnc Plus but that’s quite an advanced way of getting it done.
Demux using mkvtoolnix, decompress audio to PCM if it isn’t in MP3 format, make a script file for Avisynth which loads the video stream, resizes and applies subs. Install TMPGEnc Plus and the ReadAVS plugin, follow the DVD wizard and then author using TMPGEnc DVD Author or similar.

ic ic…thanks for all your help! :smiley:

TMPEGencoder can read MKV files even without AVS, by simply using the DirectShow source reader filter … just install the matroska full pack and make sure the MKV file will play in WMP or any other DShow based player …