.mkv(h.264) convert to .avi (divx/xvid)?

Ok like the title says I am trying to figure out how to convert .mk to .avi. I got a nice backlog of them that I want to clear out. The .mkv has avc video with aac audio and I want to encode that to an .avi either dix or xvid with mp3 audio. Yes I know the mkv is superior but it doesn’t work with my DVD player :P.
So yeah back to my question, how do I convert from one to the other? After spending 5+ hours of my own and not coming up with anything I though it was about time I asked for some help.

Try www.videohelp.com it is a great source for guides on all sortd of conversions. Here’s what comes up in the search read through and see which works best for you: http://www.videohelp.com/guides.php?tools=&madeby=&formatconversionselect=MKV+to+AVI&howtoselect=%3B&orderby=Date&listall=1&hits=25&archive=0&listallusers=&search=Search+or+List+Guides


hey where is the link


[quote=spammy preddy;2135007]hey check out this link for H264 to avi converter

… und Tschüss. :cop: