MKV format editing?

Hi all,

I have been archieving HD films for a while…Mostly in mkv format…

Adding additional audio is not an issue…easy but now FPS is the problem for me.

Most HD films are 23.976 FPS since America uses NTSC as the TV Standart but
i live in a country that uses 25 FPS PAL Standart so when i add audio to a mkv it is not possible synch audio with video…

So only solution is converting a 23.976 FPS mkv format video file to a 25 FPS mkv video file without re-encoding the mkv not to make it suffer from quality.

I tried ME GUI…it wasnt able to produce a solution…

any suggestions ?

Or you use mkvmerge (from mkvtoolnix) and mux the new audio track in with a stretch factor of 23.976/25 and then sync it using delay times.

Also mkv is not the video file it is only a container. Most likely there is an x264 video stream inside, which is what the video is encoded with.

Let us know if it worked!

Thanks i will give it a try :flower: