.mkv files to .avi conversion

Anyone know of a reliable, user friendly program that can quickly convert .mkv files to .avi?

I have a couple files that are taking FOREVER with SUPER v2009.build.35 and they don’t always come out right (i.e. slow framerates/audio-video lag)… I also have avs video tools (converter, onthego, remaker, etc) but the quality usually is sub-par with those and .mkv

I am not a tech wiz - still trying to learn as I go, so any detailed help would be appreciated!!

The Buk

I haven’t tried mkv to avi conversion but here are a couple of freeware apps:


What are the specs of your MKV file(s)?..
The taking “FOREVER” is the result of the converting/re-encoding process…Though Super converts from many formats to other types, [B]I[/B] would [B]not[/B] recommend it to [B]my[/B] friends…You’ve seen the results ,right?..I’m not bashing super(JMHO)…
I’ve had very good results with AviDemux or try Xvid4PSP…
Xvid4PSP has an 'Ultra encode setting that is pretty quick,but you’ll have to test it [B]yourself[/B], see if the results suit [B]your[/B] needs…:wink: