Mkv file ''digital noise'' problem

Hi everyone!I recently downloaded a 720p blu ray rip mkv file but there is a small problem with the image.Although the audio is crystal clear the image quality is bad due to some ‘‘noise’’.I attached a screenshot of the video.Zoom in and focus on the skin of the actors!Thanks in advance!!!

[QUOTE=aris995;2541967]…I recently downloaded a 720p blu ray rip mkv file…[/QUOTE]
Unfortunately, we cannot help you with this download. Downloaded Blu ray rips of [B]copyright protected material[/B] are not a subject of discussion here. And [I]Chuck[/I] is definitely a copyright protected tv show. By the way, I’m not sure what you wanted us to do for you here. The video is showing artifacts from poor encoding/over compression and is not fixable. Your best bet is to buy the original blu ray video.

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