MKV File conversion



I have looked on here and googled and just dont understand.

How can I caonvert my mkv file to mpeg wmv or avi???Just something besides mkv.

I have found a couple tutorial on this but I have tried downloading several things and I am missing something.

Is there a simple program that I can use so I dont have to use 3 or 4 different programs to convert this. Is there a wa y to do this. Everytime I try nero it comes back with error

any help will be appreciated


mkv is simply a container. I seem to recall converting one to dvd by just loading the mkv into Tmpgenc Xpress… but the mkv contained 2 soundtracks, french and english, and tmpg defaulted to the 1st one, french!!! then i had to use (cant remember which one) virtualdub mod or graphedit to decode the 2nd soundtrack to wav, then loaded the wav into tmpgenc…
If you can play the mkv, then graphedit should split it for you, then just remux to an avi… if you need more in depth explanations then fire back.



by the way matroska video is supposed to frequently use the VP6 video codec…


those are the progs I use to deal with mkv, although they are probably out of date now. When I find a movie they dont work with, I guess I’ll update them



matroska is a very powerful container already, and you will hardly find another container that will allow you to transmux all your MKV file into it. Some files may work, depending on the codecs that were used.

For ON2VP6, the only codec we know for it is a VCM codec ( Video For Windows Codec Manager ), so we stored it in AVI compatibility mode in MKV. These files can easily be converted to AVI ( at least the video part of it ), though i would recommend avi-mux GUI instead of VirtualdubMod.

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