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I recently bought a Western Digital Hub last week on black Friday. Since then i wanted to add all my DVDs and blu-rays to it, but i cant find a program that will reduce size and keep the same quality as the original. I tried Dvdfab and pavtube, but no luck yet. Can anybody help me find an answer to my question? Thanks

There are only two ways of reducing the size of your movies. You can remove sections that you don’t need, like foreign soundtracks, directors commentary and other types of extras. Or you can use compression to reduce the size of the movies (and you might need to do a combination of these two things). Compression is [B]always[/B] going to compromise the video quality. If done well, you might not notice the lesser quality.

What kind of format do you want for the output? Since you have mkv in your thread title I assume you mean H264 encoded mkv files, but it would help to be sure about that.

There are any number of good, free programs for this process, but the free ones need decrypted video to start with. So always rip the movie to the hard drive before converting the video.

Depending on the output format you want, look into BD Rebuilder, MultiAVCHD, and Handbrake. All can produce .mkv files using the X264 encoder…if that is what you are after.

Edit: Forgot a few other tools, like RipBot264, StaxRip and BluRip.

These are some examples.

Once that you have ripped the dvd to the HD

A bit of a sharp learning curve, but once you understand how to this program it’s very powerful tool.

XviD4PSP 5.0

How to Rip Blu-ray to MKV files


Thanks for the help guys. I’m going to Try the program that are listed here. I’ll get back to you guys about the results.