.mkv bad aspect ratio

i have been trying to convert some .mkv files to dvd for a while now. this is only program that works at all, except the video is like 3 pixels high on final dvd files.
under source details it says aspect ratio:654 but on right column it lists properly as 640x352. it also plays fine in the preview. although i have to input the runnung time when i open them.

video - xvid
audio 2 tracks -vorbis
1 subtitle

i have tried to search and found nothing tho i hope there is an easy fix.
thx for any help

Hello and welcome to the forum,

Please post you log file here, it will help us see what could be going on. What are you watching the final result on? your computer (and if so with what software)? your living room DVD player?

3 pixels high? you mean the image is mini, mini, tiny puny small?