MKM001 WTF @ jitter

Well, it seems this always happens when I burn a DL MKM001. Cdspeed reports that the second layer has 16% jitter. This happens when I burn at 2.4x or 4x in any drive I have.

My liteon keeps clicking and making weird noises when it gets to scanning the jitter of the second layer. Also, my first LH18A1P DIED when it scanned a disc at 8x with jitter enabled.

I don’t know wtf is going on. Does anyone else have this jitter when scanning their MKM001 in their liteons?

BTW, used the H22N @ 4x for this burn. Currently using the 111L to do a 6x write and see what happens.

Well I burnt @ 6x on the 111L and results are the same. For some reason the drive would not scan to the 2nd layer. I had to do it in two separate scans. The LG burn in the first post also failed to scan the 2nd layer on the first scan.

Never have jitter when scanning MKM001 in my new LiteOn LH-20A1H yet.

I’m guessing the drive is scanning both layers at once for jitter or something really wacky?

I just did another burn but in my liteon instead, same jitter problems, actually, it won’t even let me scan jitter on the liteon burn, the drive just clicks and stuff. Had to stop it, didn’t want to cause damage.

All drives can TRT the media without trouble.

I would appreciate if anyone with any liteon drive, and MKM001 media could do a jitter scan for me.

Yeah, it would be really a good thing if that flaw could be fixed. :rolleyes:

I just tried to scan an MKM001 on my LiteOn SHM-165P6S.

CDSpeed stopped at the layer break during the PIE/PIF scan and I had to press the Stop button.

CDSpeed with jitter scanning enabled stopped at the layer break, and I had to eject the disc to get the program to respond.

CDSpeed without jitter scanning works.

I didn’t complete a whole scan, just 100 MB around the layer break, and I didn’t save any screenshots.