MKM001 DL crap? So what's a good buy then?

I bought Verbatims a couple of months back but haven’t really used the discs. After some failed burns, I decided to do a quick search and it would appear that this media is no good. Any recommendations on what I can use as a replacement?

Guess u got MII MKM001 which crap :Z

hunt down for MIS Disc :iagree:

Are you sure it’s the media? If you gave some info on the process you use, maybe something else would come to light as the problem.

What’s your burner?
Maybe it’s your burner fault…

Lol, found some info saying they were crap eh? Love to see it as Verbatim MKM001 is without a doubt the best and most supported DL media on the planet. Everyone on this forum recommends it.

We will need more info to find out what’s gone wrong. It could be a firmware issue with your writer. If Verbatim won’t work well, chances are extremely slim that you will get good consistent results with something else.