MKM 001 on BQ1650 and ND4550

Dear all,
I am not totally sure, how to post and put it.
With MCC 03RG20 I usually have fair quality on both drives. Generally I wite with Benq 1650 (learned mode) and test Q with CDSpeed with ND-4550, because this is not so good in error correction; thus I scan the ‘worst case’.
As I burn mostly movies I tried out now above DL, because there are better possibilities to fill the media.
However the CDSpeed scans are rarther poor; and I read that the medium is ok to take. Now I have no idea, whether to go on with DL on this HW; pls have a look at the scans and let me know you comments.
Both drives have highes FW 1.09 and BCIC.
Further more I get the error NO ADDITIONAL SENSE … on the Benq 1650 at ~3890 MB position.

  1. burn with Benq1650, read with ND4550
  2. burn with Benq1650, read with Benq1650 - after Pos 3890
  3. burn with ND4550, read with ND4550

thanks and rgds,

The NEC isn’t known to be a good scanning drive, but a good Transfer Rate Test drive [TRT: the drive actually tries to read the data back, and if there is an issue the drive will slow down to get past the issue. The reason that the drive is so good is because, like you said, error correction isn’t as strong as with other drives]. It would be better to use your BenQ for scanning. :wink:

That said, a small number of people are having issues with MKM 001 these days, IMHO. It may help to get either: [A] Some of Verbatim’s 8x DVD+R DL, MKM 003; [B] A drive that likes to write DL, such as a recent Pioneer, LiteOn, or Samsung, in that order; [C] both A and B.

If I was to try anything first, I would say try a small pack of MKM 003 first. If I still got burns like that, then I would go for a new DVD burner from one of the above manufacturers. But that’s just my thoughts, and others may have a different perspective. :flower:

Are these discs Verbatim branded?

Also, can you tell us whether they’re made in India or in Singapore? This should be on the packaging the discs came in.

Albert, thanks for your suggestions.

Media is labeled Verbatim, 2,4x - made in Singapore
Although Nero estimates this media from 2,4 up to 8x speed, but I did not test that.