MKM 001 media... Fastest Speed?



I’m trying to get faster burns on my Verbatim MKM 001 DL media…

The media is advertised as up to 8x on compatible burners… Which burners allow this?

My LG and Liteon will burn at 6 and 4x respectively. The Samsung and Benq won’t record past 2x.

Any ideas to get faster burns with this media? Is there a different firmware for the Benq 1650 that will increase the speed for this media?


I just checked with MCSE , and both my Benq 1640 BSLB and Pioneer 111L 8.29 would burn MKM 001 @8X max :slight_smile:


Idont recomend it but use media code flasher & change the writing stratigy.
but be carefull & I’m mot responceable!!! :iagree:


Is that English ?

Sorry , I couldn’t help it :bigsmile:

MKM 001 can be very good when burnt @8X with a burner like Pio 111 , but it all depends on whether you have an “excellent” batch or an “average” one :slight_smile:


Well I’m judging from the results of my burns @ 6x, that this is indeed a good batch…

But the 20 minute burn time isn’t cutting it, I’d like to get something to burn at 8x if possible.


You do realize that it will not reduce the burn time by a huge amount. Even if the discs scan fine, it means nothing. It still might not work in a DVD player. You’re only measuring how good your liteon can read that disc. The lower the errors the better but that still doesn’t guarantee you anything. Upping the speed may be very risky. Just to save that extra minute or two is not really worth the risk of a possible coaster or error riddled disc.

You should do a jitter scan with the liteon and a TRT on a different drive.


I recently burnt some CMC MAG D04 and got similar results like with my MKM 001 discs.
The were burnt in a Pio 111 and CMC at 2.4x and the Verbs at 6x. :wink:
Max is 8x for the MKM001 in the Pio111.


Then get verbatim 8x (MKM003) THat one was made for 8x and will at 8x on most drives and up to 12x on some drives.


From my BenQ 1640@8X, MKM001 was about 16mins, I don’t think it would be a serious improvement. My friends Pio 111D@111L eats them pretty well at 6X. At 8X, 1640/111 they are both let me down. :doh:

Quality comes first, speed after. Do you agree? :slight_smile:


Yep, absolutely :slight_smile:


:eek: :eek: :eek:
:eek: :eek: :eek:

Can you, please, name this DL speedster? :bigsmile: I’ve only heared about 10x DL burning.


MKM001 tends to work best at 2.4x-4x. The 6x can give coasters, anything faster is overspeeding, not supported.