MKB_RO filesize


Perhaps those who already have an extensive 4K UHD library can answer this 1…:
What’s the average filesize of the MKB_RO.inf ?
I have an unsupported disc and I wanted to send the required files to Arusoft,but that .inf has a size of a whopping 128MB!:astonished:
The same applies for it’s backup in the ‘duplicate’ folder…


No, that’s not unusual. Zip it up. It compresses very well. The average size of my zip of AACS + CLIPINF + PLAYLIST is ~11MB, regardless of if MKB_RO is 128MB or 5MB.


THX for the info…files sent to Arusoft.
Strange that the MKB_RO can be compressed so much,brings back memories of cd dummyfiles from around y2k…