MJ3 Doesn't recognise my DVD burner!



My full version boxed MovieJack 3 recognises my dvd player (drive E) but not my burner (drive D). It tells me I do not have one installed. Obviously I have, and it is recognised by other programs and will happily play DVDs.

So guys… any ideas please? It’s drving me MAD!!!


Quick question, NVidia chipset on your mainboard?


Hi Dark, Yes it is NVidia. Is that a problem?


Unfortunately, it is. At least for the moment, and if you have the NVidia IDE drivers installed. In this case, MovieJack won’t find optical devices on the secondary port. A fix for this will be released as soon as I find some time to change the portions of the code causing the problem. Currently we have a ton of stuff in the pipeline…

Stay tuned :slight_smile: