Dark_Schneider stated in one of his replies that there was going to be a big update for Moviejack 2. Since purchasing version 2.07.002 I have been waiting for this update as I have found numerous bugs and restriction. Please can you give me an idea how much longer we will have to wait?

Can I suggest that as a mark of good faith? MJ2 owners who have experienced an inability to copy any DVD’s and have wasted many CDR disks, be given a free upgrade to version 3.

I have had good results with the 30 day trial of MJ3 but having just purchased MJ2 from my local Aldi store I do not feel inclined to spend more money as MJ2 dose not work.

Please help.

As far as I know there will be a special offer update for MJ2 users in the future…
You could ask for a special offer at info@engelmann.com.

But what is your problem with MJ2?
It works great!