MJ2..DVD to DVD burning (backup!)



am using moviejack 2, win xp, win media player+sonic ciniplayer.

I have been trying to RTFM but to no avail, what is the easiest way to burn(make a backup!) of a dvd to dvd,

many thanks
chris :bigsmile:


Use DVD X COPY Xpress v It does 1:1 backups of any Dvd, no matter what the size is and fits it onto a single 4.7 Gb disk. Takes about an hour for rip and burn. Set and forget, no pissing around with 2-3 proggys to do the same thing this one does. You should still be able to pick up a copy of this version. Just don’t get anything made after Jan or Feb 2004 when they were ordered by a US court to disable the CSS ripper in the program. That made it about as useless as Nero.