MJ Prob with burning

I have tried to rip n burn a copy in VCD format, but whichever CDR option I pick (74Min or 80Min) the resulting MPEG files are larger than 700Mb! (e.g. I get 2 Mpegs one is over 700Mb the other 404mb to make the complete movie) Hence, I can burn the 2nd half but of course I cant burn the first part.
Any ideas of a fix for this?
I have tried both my licenced copy of MJ2 and a trial of MJ3 without a result.
My DVDROM is a Panasonic 16X and DVD burner a Sony - both std bits of kit.
Does MovieJack actually work???

VCD and SVCD are recorded in mode 2 form 2, where the data sectors take approx. 15% more data than in mode 1. Thus it’s natural that the files for these modes are larger, otherwise it would be wasted space. :slight_smile: