Mixtapes Download Legal?

hey how you doin

if you download mixtapes is that legal, because the mixtapes itself arent copyrighted hmm?

what do you think?

desi prince

generally stuff that is not commercially available (i.e. not legitimately for sale somewhere) you should be fine…i’ve DL’d over 200GB of mixes (90% from one of my favorite sites)…

If in the mixtapes copyrighted material is used, it may be that downloading this without paying such copyrights is illegal…but, as said, it depends on the nature of the mix tapes.

o ok, lets say if the mixtapes wre like

DJ BIG mike Jumpoff vol. 3


what about that?!?


Generally speaking, rap mixes are usually illegal as opposed to legal underground music mixes. Most of the artists in rap mixes are signed to a major label and sell their tracks in major record stores, whereas the mixes that drpino and I refer to are mainly underground music produced by independent/small label artists and most of them encourage mixing their music. A while back, the RIAA hit a few hundred small urban record shops across the country seizing almost every “Burned CD/MixCD” they had for sell.