Mixing SATA and IDE burners?

I’m getting ready to build a new system. It’s going to have 2 SATA hard drives, a SATA Samsung burner, and I’d like to throw in one of my Benq’s (probably a 1650, but maybe a 1640) into the mix as well.

Has anyone had either any positive experiences or major issues with mixing a SATA burner and an IDE burner in a system? I have visions of potential conflicts, but am hoping I’m just being paranoid.

No problems with Windows or Linux. I have two IDE DVD burners and one SATA burner. However, if you start copying or doing stuff between IDE and SATA drives, you might notice a performance hit on the bus.

Better to cross reference with the specific chipset and mobo you will be using. I’m a little wary of the add-on nature of PATA support in the P965, and the i680 has well known problems with HD corruption, but it looks like you’re an AMD man.

Yeah, it’s an AMD rig. What gave it away? :wink:

MOBO is an Abit KN9 Ultra, nForce 570 chipset. The SATA drive is a Samsung SH-S183L. I honestly don’t think I have ever done any on-the-fly copying or such between optical drives, so that shouldn’t be an issue regardless. 99.9% of everything I have ever burned was fro mthe HD. Sounds like I’ll be fine.