Mixing RAM speeds

Is it possible to mix RAM modules that have different speeds?
I currently have 512MB of PC2100.
Every so often I find a good price on higher speed memory. This time Tiger Direct has a very good price for PC3200 with rebates.
My motherboard is a Gigabyte GA-7DX and supports PC1600 or PC2100.
I know that I would not get any higer speed but will the PC3200 memory work together with PC2100 without any problems?


I dont think it will work with your board as only supports 200/266mhz. Therefor the pc3200 DDR400 would be incompatible? so i would imagine it wouldnt work. buy a new mobo :)…sasarchiver

there’s nothing wrong with buying ram of different speeds, but you’ll only be able to run them as fast as the slowest stick. running faster ram at slower speeds is not a problem.

So DDR400s’ would work on a board that only supports 266mhz? I know it will only run as fast as ur lower speed memory stick. just im not sure if ddr400 would work on a ddr2100 (max) board?? SasArchiver

Yes, it’ll work fine.

You should be able to run memory at a lower speed than specified - quite likely with sharper timings.

The only thing I wonder, is that you may have to manually set the memory timings, if the motherboard cannot set them from the SPD.

ahh diizzy, didnt know that :wink: learn something new every day lol

A week ago I mixed a PC2100 and a PC2700 RAM. To be honest with you, I expected to see ANY, little difference. None. So, I decided to replace the PC2100 with a PC2700, same brand. And wow! Ran the tests (PerfomanceTest, Everest), huge difference, much better.

When mixing memory of different speeds, make sure you don’t get the cheapest RAM available. These cheap memories often have problems running at clockspeeds they weren’t designed for. They are normally more sensible to higher speeds than lower speeds, but I’ve seen problems with underclocked memory as well. If you make sure you got a descent brand, chances are slim that any problems like this appear.

Thanks a lot for the advice, Dee-ehn. I bought Kingston. I hope at least it is a lil bit better than Nanya.

Nanya isn’t that bad memory… but I guess that Kingston is indeed the better choice. What Kingston did you buy… the valueram?

Yes, ValueRAM. I know it is not the best. Somewhere I have read that Kingston uses Nanya chips. Actually I wanted to upgrade from 266 to 333, because the i852GME can handle it.