Mixed Up Games that would be cool

Ever wondered what would happen if two fine games were mixed up?

Examples :

Return to Castle Monkey Island:
Guybrush and Blackowitz set sail to the carribean where Hitler plans to overtrown the world with Nazi Pirates

Super Unreal Sunshine Tournament:
Mario grabs his watergun, joins the Liandri Corporation and kills everyone.

Splinter Bust a Cell:
Sam Fisher tries to collect three marbles of the same color while avoiding enemies.

Do you have any more ideas?

Sims Doom:
Your Sims will have to fight demons from hell and work on their social network simultaneously. New room-items include gun cabinets and teleporter. Create unique walldesigns with new DynoSplatâ„¢ technology.

Rollercoaster pong: create hidious rollercoasters to slam your park’s visitors from the end to the other end of the park without splatting their brains against a brick wall.

Mortal tetris: kill your enemies by trouwing all kinds of blocks at them!

ps great thread :slight_smile:

Player battles his way through enormous enemy scenarios against an army of super mario characters in unrivalled & spectacular scenarios.

Virtual ValDoomIIIe (this ones for Airhead)
Valerie performs various erotic acts, with Doom3 monsters used as erotic tools.

Speed Thief freaks.
Player has to sneak around various levels to steal items & solve puzzles while in a go-cart which fires a variety of weird missiles, etc.

Crash Bandicoogeddon!
Crash bandicoot zooms around race track, ripping limbs & exploding dingos, aligators & weird looking tigers … to finally face a giant headed monster truck…

Grand Theft Mario!
Mario must act out crimes to increase his reputation for despiccable acts in order to infiltrate the criminal world. Don’t get me started about the hookers, they’re purple dinosaurs.

Operation Sim City Deluxe!

Build your Citys, and then turn them into mortal enemies! Build missile bases, launch land and air offensives against each other, Poison water supplys, form alliances, backstab lie and steal. First city with nuclear capabilitys wins. Sounds like a reality game. :stuck_out_tongue:

Tiger Reader Rabbit 2005.

Choose to play as Tiger Woods or any one of 125 different Tour players or even yourself as you “smash” that freakin rabbit all the way to the green. Keep it in play to increase your career earnings…

Reader Rabbit Deathmatch 2000.
Can you spell “Kiss this asshole”?

Super Spinziddy Arkanoid Deluxe :

You control a hovering bat on a tiny platform. Don’t fall off! And keep the ball(s) in to the air at the same time!

Ms. Junior Atomic BomberPacman:

The long lost forgotten niece of pacman marries Bomberman, but trouble dooms in paradise. Evil Koopa’s and the four ghosts team up to destroy the happy couple. Thanks to magic pills and a lot of nuclear bombs, Pacman and Bomberman hope to save the day.

A fistfull of joysticks :

Choose between Jackie Chan and Bruce Lee, then grab the four shock controllers to perform ultra lightning fast karate combo’s in this serious platform game.

Jet Set Halo :

Master Chief tries to conquer the house of Willy while beating up Covenants.

Beneath a Marble Sky:

Collect four of the same marbles while avoiding fighter planes.

Black and Kombat

Control a creature on an island, teach it to kill all others. May the best creature win.

Fable at the movies :

Your local hero decides to be a director, casts lightning on all popular hollywood actors and takes his own part in a blockbuster movie. Fight off the mafia while acting.

James Bond: Beyond Everquest :

007 finds his arch-nemesis S.P.E.C.T.R.E. on a remote desert island full of wizards and warlords.

Blinx’s Second Sight :

You’re John Blinx , the mutated cat with supernatural powers. Stop time, make fun of your enemies and kill them while aiming for the next one.

Dance Dance Theft Auto

The player uses the control to guide themself through the world until they have a conflict with someone. Then, they have a dance off.

Mario kart featuring Max Payne
Drive through green hills and pink forests at night in search of the answer to who killed your princess. Watchout for nasty pills that will make you all funny.

Unreal Colin McRae 06.

Choose to be Driver or Co Driver, as a driver dodge mines, missiles and other drivers gunfire, whether it be a chaingun or rocket launcher.

As a Co Driver you do the shooting, using your weapons in the car, or your machine gun turret on the roof, hang on and shoot straight.

half windows (or windowsME)

follow gordon freeman as he searches through the windows and system directories trying to find the man in the dark suit behind it all, killing clippy, the search dog, and everything else in between.

Mech Payne.
Max has to battle his way through scores of Clan trained Battlemechs armed with his usual weapons.

Unreal Mech: Mercenaries.
Earn money to equip & hire your band of 31337 mercenaries in order to massacre foot soldier opponents in an arena, while equipped with battlemechs of your choice & Budget.

Enter your 85 Ton Mech into a competition with increasingly groovy moves to become all time greatest dance champion!

Tony Hawk;s Allied Assault: As a pro skater you have been drafted into the military and must fight against the nazi’s of WWII. Armed with only your skateboard, you must wallride and kickflip your enemies to death and become the world’s greatest… Pro Veteran.

sounds like Halo

sounds like Halo
Never played it, but I doubt its set on a rally circuit in Sweden, or Italy. With spectators standing on the side of the road. And an objective of winning the race by killing your competition. Correct me if I’m wrong.:slight_smile:

hehe, i suppose :stuck_out_tongue:

WinLaxian …
The evil windows system is trying to take over the world … Shoot down the evil windows clones organised in long battle lines (obviously the most efficient organisation) … when one of the minions collides with you, the computer will crash.

Soul Calibur Barbie 3:

Barbie finds Soul Calibur, the perfect sword of all time, in the mail. She decides to take upon a journey in her pink minivan to destroy the Zapf empire. Mattel occasionally supplies Barbie with extra weapons and health packs. Who has send Soul Calibur to Barbie and why are all the little ponies nervous?

Journey to the center of the last temple of doom while you were sleeping:

Indiana Jones suddenly remembers he forgot to kill a few enemies. He decides not to wake up his relatives and friends, grabs his whip and travel to the center of the temple.

Planetarion Digger:

Turn based internetgame where your ship lands on a hostile planet and kills all the monsters by digging passages and drop money bags on them.

Syndicate Dizzy:

Dizzy, the badass member of the Yolkfolk enhances his eggshell cybernetically, then gets drafted in the emperial forces of the mafia. Use Dizzy’s flamethrower to kill all those pesky humans running around.

Zelda and the legend of Doom:

Link gets to rescue Zelda … again … for the fifteenth time. This time he’s so bored he grabs a railgun and shoots everyone who tries to approach him. Unfortunately he also kills a mirror, breaks his bow and leaves Zelda scared as hell. No more Mr. Nice Link.

Uplink Matrix:

Neo tries to hack into federal computers, but they are on his tail. Can you help Neo?

Putt Putt Tycoon:

Putt Putt is kidnapped by an evil mastermind and put into mass production. Help the mastermind to create as much profit as you can. Don’t worry about Putt Putt. He’s just a crappy car anyway.

Total Club Pong 2005:

Choose one of the teams, manage them and sell stock. Make profit and win every pong game in the European League.

Max Racer:

Max Payne finds himself on a remote icy island where he will race for the best time. Grab fish and shoot the bad guys while going 100 mph down a glacier.