Mixed Nero Pack versions?




Second post here :slight_smile:

I’ve been having issues with the latest versions of NVE where by the video and audio become WAAAAAY out of sync. From what I have read the best thing I can do is try an old version 30127 has been mentioned.

I’ve found a copy of NVE30127, my question is can I use an old copy of NVE and the latest of NERO Burning ROM or do I also have to use the respective version of NBR as well ??




I think you can use any version of nve3 with nero 6.6.x, but if you go back to nve2, you have to use a version of nero 6.3.x.



Top stuff cheers mate, appreciated.

Next time I have something to create I’ll give NVE 30127 ago, am I right in thinking this was / is a “Better” cut than the latest 2 ?


I don’t know if it is better, but it is a lot faster.


Not too worried about speed, it’s the Audio Sync that bugs me, I’m fortunate enough to have quite a beefy PC makes lite work of the transcoding, not much use if the end product is not much cop though :frowning:

Thanks again mate.