Mixed multi-session (nero & EZ-CD) problems.... help needed!

Hi Everyone,

I started a multi-session disk with EZCD and burned a couple of tracks onto it. I then asked a friend to put some more on however he used Nero. As a result it’s saying the disk is corrupted and I am having a nightmare trying to get the files.

I have used CD-roller and ISOBuster to varying degrees of success but I was wondering if there is something in the settings I could change to get them to work better with this kind of problem.

It wouldnt be so important, but they are all my holiday photo’s of my trip to Australia for the world cup so as you can imagine, I’m pretty keen to get them back!

If anyone can offer any advice it would be much appreciated.


Have you any facilities in any of the software you’ve got to read just the first session of the multi-session disk? That would seem the most sensible way to proceed if you can.

I feel your pain. Without wanting to sound too preachy, the important lesson here is not to entrust valuable data to just one disc, particularly an unfinalised multi-session disc.

Even if you eventually wanted to store some kind of composite disc, it would have been wise to make at least two copies of the irreplaceable pictures on CD-R and finalise the discs, ideally without using multi-session at all. A couple of CD-R discs don’t cost much, and if you eventually decided you wanted additional data on the discs, you could make new discs and, if you really needed the space, throw these originals away.

An alternative would be to use CD-RW for at least one of the copies for now, so that you could eventually erase and reuse the disc. However, CD-RW media can be rather less robust than CD-R.


Yeah have tried that with the first joy but with no real success. A few pictures come out fine and the rest are curropted to various degrees.

I was just curious to know if the files are corrupted beyond repair or recovery. I’m not familiar with disc structure and what-not but if its repairable then I don’t mind sending it off and paying good money for it.

If they are gone though, I will just have to bite the bullet and accept it! :frowning: