Mixed mode DVD?

I have a DVD movie (recorded from videocam) of approx 2GB which I would want to duplicate onto a DVD-R. The problem is, I would also like to store related photos taken from another camera into the same DVD-R.

In Nero, we could create mixed mode CDs where audio and data can co-exist.
Is it possible to do the same with DVD: DVD movies+menu and data? Or is it simply a drag-and-drop job into a folder in the DVD that has folders such as VIDEO_TS?

I’m a total noob on DVD authoring… any advice (Windows or GNU/Linux) is greatly appreciated! :confused:

You can just add data onto a DVD by placing outside of the VIDEO_TS folder. This way any DVD player will just look into the VIDEO_TS folder and play the DVD files in there and any PC can play the DVD as normal OR can see the other files placed on the DVD.

If you want to produce a slide show that also works on a normal DVD player you will need some encoding software to produce the slideshow as its not as simple as adding pictures to a disc.

Thanks qwakrz for your quick reply. :slight_smile:

Just some further questions:

In order to produce a slide show, do I need to encode them into DVD MPEG2 movie format and add on as a separate track? If that’s the case, how do I add on to the DVD menu of the original recorded DVD?

What “newbie” software (preferably free) would you recommend to encode pictures to slideshow and to edit an existing DVD menu?

I have used the simple program called windows movie maker that everyone has included in windows. I put my video clips & added the pictures @ the end as a sort of mixed slide show & video combined. Or was that MYDVD? Been awhile.