Mixed mode CDs in Lunix

I am having trouble burning some mixed mode bin/cue images properly. They are some SegaCD images I made a while back on UltraISO. Now on this OS they seem to be pretty useless. The cue sheet lists track 1 as MODE1/2352 and the rest as AUDIO. The thing is, cdrdao can burn the cd without errors with this command:

cdrdao write --driver generic-mmc-raw --device ATA:0,0,0 --datafile file.bin file.cue

but then on the disk the audio tracks are nothing but noise, sounds like when you try to playback a data track. And the data track seems to be fine. BTW, the bin/cue works just as fine as when it was created on windows, Daemon tools loads and uses it fine. Does this mean the audio tracks were encrypted with some lame proprietary thing on the creator program or can I throw cdrdao some commands to get this right? Or another software maybe? Anyone know what I’m talking about?

Wrong forum sorry, didn’t see the BSD/Linux section. Please move if necessary.